Safeguard’s roller shutter doors keep buildings secure

Its range of roller shutter doors, which can be chain operated, gearbox operated or automated, roll upwards into a bundle similar to how wrapping paper or tissue is rolled up when packaged.

The standard roller shutter is often used by supermarkets to close up the shop front after the shop has closed. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and consequent need for greater control and sanitising the hands of those entering shops, many of these shutter doors are currently left closed even during business hours.

Shop windows can be protected at night by a perforated roller shutter, where the slats are separated, enabling window shoppers to see what is in the shop window, while the shutter provides security against smash and grab thieves.

Where the shopfront is vulnerable to rain, transparent polycarbonate strips with custom made gaskets can be inserted between the slats to prevent rain entering the vents.

Safeguard also has aluminium or wood shutter doors for houses, where the slats can be opened or closed in a similar way to blinds.

It has too a wide range of garage sectional doors made up of several sections, which go up and fold under the garage roof, and of course the very reliable Xpanda range of folding security doors

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