UN requests SADC countries to accepts Mozambicans fleeing war

The United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees UNHCR has put a request to Tanzania, eSwatini, South Africa and Zimbabwe not to refuse any Mozambican fleeing the rebel insurgency entry.

During the civil war in Mozambique thousands fled to Zimbabwe, during the 80’s the Zimbabwean Government had budgeted for the influx of refugees from Mozambique with the main camp being in the Lowveld, eSwatini then Swaziland as well had thousands of refugees as did South Africa though it was still under apartheid, though the war ended in Mozambique many did not return back to their home country, now that insurgency by both the MNR backing the Islamic rebels has seen the rebel forces gaining ground those who never returned back to Mozambique are fortunate.

Zimbabwe has no budget for any kind of refugee camp unless Sadc states come on board to assist Zimbabwe, the country though assisted Mozambique during the civil war is unable to make the same contribution as the country is bankrupt and any involvement could awaken the wrath of the Islamic rebels who have warned Zimbabwe from involving itself.

The Islamic backed rebels intend to declare the Northern part of Mozambique a separate Islamic state.

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