Family Claims Former Soldier Solomon Chanengeta Was Abducted

Human rights lawyer, Doug Coltart on Saturday reported that he had received an abduction alert from the family of former soldier Solomon Chanengeta.


He said the family reported that the former military man had been taken by six men at around 10 pm and they did not know where he was.


Coltart was later told that the family had been informed that Solomon had been taken to the Karoi police station. Pindula News present Coltart’s series of Twitter messages he posted since Saturday.

I’m informed by the family of SOLOMON CHANENGETA that he was abducted by 6 men in plainclothes claiming to be soldiers from 451 Muzaradope Street, Karoi at about 10 pm this evening & driven away in a Honda Fit. If anyone has information please contact +2778 1769063.

UPDATE from Solomon Chanengeta’s brother: “Your message worked. We found him at the police station. After your tweet, they took him to the station. I’m advised he was questioned about his leaving the military & is still in custody at Karoi police station; no charges yet.

Another UPDATE from Solomon’s brother: “The police say it’s not in their hands now. Waiting for the people that dropped him off and they cannot provide their names to us. All they can say is that they are soldiers and they will come and fetch him.” Still no charges.

Responding to the allegations of abductions, the Secretary of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Nick Mangwana said the timing of the alleged kidnappings had a pattern. He tweeted:

On the International Calendar of Events, there are two programs.
2- COP26

The script has not changed.
1- Fake Abductions and attribute them to the State.
2- Break the law in the name of some Universal Right and get arrested and draw world attention.

The opposition and human rights defenders are convinced that the state is conducting the alleged abductions to intimidate government critics.

In 2020 scores of human rights activists and opposition members, including MDC Alliance trio – Joana Mamombe, Cecilia Chimbiri and Netsai Marova – reported that they had been abducted by suspected state security agents.

The government denies the allegations saying the alleged abductions were stage-managed to soil the image of the government.

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