Makoto hosted a successful workshop

International Master Rodwell Makoto hosted a successful workshop.

It was a successful coaching clinic which also had Fide Instructor Lawrence Tavagwisa also assisting the International Master who also coached  Zambia Olympiad online national team which included the likes of International Master Daniel Jere.

The coaching clinic had three classes namely: Developmental class, Coaching class, and developed players. Almost twenty five people attended the session. Among them the youngest player was Jordan Gweshe who is only nine years  of age. He was accompanied by his mother to the workshop so as to gain the knowledge from the esteemed International Master’s knowledge base. The main thrust of the workshop was to focus on the develop players and coaches.

Intermediate or average players . National team players were not part of the team as they get a lot of exposure by playing some international tournaments. The workshop started at 10:00 in the morning and ended around 16:00 hours. Tapiwa Gora was part of the team that ensured that there was a smooth sailing of the program.

It was really a good start and players are clamoring for an over the board tournament. Since the lifting of the ban on sporting codes it is high time that the Zimbabwe Chess Federation introduces a tournament to quench the thirst of the players who have been training hard to get the best results in these tournies.

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