International Master Robert Gwaze pens a book

International Master Robert Gwaze celebrated his birthday with the introduction of a chess book.

The title of the book is Life and the games of Robert Gwaze. Basically, it is like an autobiography and an instructional book

In one. It chronicles his life experiences in chess as well as giving insights into chess theory through some annotated games embedded therein.

What inspired him to write the book was the desire to share his experiences, to teach chess and add to the small yet growing tradition of African chess literature.

The book is going for $20 USD. Those in need of the book can get in touch with the author on +264816540845.

The entire process took him about a year that is the proofreading, editing and writing the book. “I let it simmer for another year until I felt like the time was ripe to publish. My target audience is the African Chess Community, whether you are just an enthusiast wanting to know more about a legend or player looking to improve their skills, there is something in for you.” Opined the author as he was conversing with the writer. He further postulated that his most outstanding achievements would be equaling the Great Alexander Alekhine’s Olympiad perfect score which I scored in Bled, 2002 as well as being crowned the African Champion in 2007.”

His advice to the young upcoming players is that, “is to buy the book as it has some interesting games and also buy Khisho’s Alien Game. His chess adventures has taken him to three continents namely: Europe, Asia and of course Africa.”

The best Zimbabwean player so far is now based in Namibia where he is coaching chess to kids. He has been there for about five years now.

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