Open letter from Godfrey Tsenengamu;







With all due respect sir, may I draw your attention in your capacities as both the President of the ruling ZANUPF party and Head of the Zimbabwean State and Government, to the threats of illegal seizure of Hopewell Chin’ono’ s goats by one Taurai Kandishaya aka Anti Gakanje who happens to be a Harare Provincial Youth League member and ZANU PF Youth League National Executive member-elect whom some also claim that he allegedly masquerades as a member of the intelligence services when he is not.

This man who appears on an undated photo with you has not only threatened to seize Hopewell’ Chin’ono s property and investments in the form goats but has in the past publicly terrorised and victimised other citizens including Tendai Biti and he has done so with impunity. Those who have had an opportunity to be close to him allege that he boasts of being untouchable as he is being said to be enjoying the blessings and protection of the higher offices, a claim we can not verify nor authenticate.

His actions do not only go against your efforts on the reengagement front and affect your image and that of the Zimbabwean government but also puts Zimbabwe and your ZANUPF party in bad light.

I am not sure if you need to allow an overzealous individual to draw this unnecessary attention to yourself, your government and your party.

The threat to seize an individual’s property is a clear violation of our Constitution and laws as well as human rights all of which you are mandated by the Zimbabwean . constitution to protect.

May I humbly ask you as the President of Zimbabwe as mandated by the Zimbabwe constitution under Sections 90 (1) and 90 (2)(b) to uphold, defend, obey and respect the Constitution and to ensure that all the other laws are faithfully observed as well as to ensure the protection of the fundamental human rights and freedoms and the rule of law, to intervene and stop this madness before the situation degenerates and gets out of hand.

Thank you Mr President sir.


According to Sections 220 and 221 you two are the Minister responsible for the Police Service and Commander of the Police Services respectively, which Police Services as provided for under Section 219 is mandated to detect, investigate and prevent crime; preserve internal security of Zimbabwe; protect and secure the lives and property of the people; maintain law and order; uphold the Constitution and enforce the law without fear or favour, may I draw your attention to the threats of illegal seizure of Hopewell Chin’ono’s goats by one Taurai Mandishaya aka Anti Gakanje. The threats are contained in a video which has been circulating on social media. The threats whether executed or not are a violation of our Constitution, our laws and human rights.

May I take this opportunity to humbly ask you both to intervene and stop this madness before the situation degenerates and gets out of hand. A stitch in time saves nine.

I hope and pray that you will not allow this to happen under your watch for this does not only threaten peace and order but sets a very bad precedent.

Lastly may I humbly request that, through the responsible offices under your leadership, you assure the public that this matter is getting urgent attention before people seek to take corrective measures to defend their property.

I thank you.


Greetings former colleague.

May it please you to take note of my interest as a leader of a political party, the Front for Economic Emancipation in Zimbabwe (FEEZ) in the matter involving one Taurai Mandishaya aka Anti Gakanje who happens to be a National Executive member-elect of the ZANUPF Youth League which you are still leader in which matter Kandishaya is heard in a video which has been circulating on social media threatening to illegally seize Hopewell Chin’ono’s goats.

It is my humble view that Kandishaya’s threats as a leader in the ZANUPF Youth League Harare Provincial Executive and a ZANUPF Youth League National Executive member-elect whether executed or not must not be ignored and ought to be condemned by all including your party to show that your organisation is not part of this madness and that his rantings and planned seizures have no blessings of your party or else the public will continue to speculate and make its own conclusions which I think have a potential to impact negatively on your organisation.

May I also indicate to you that this matter if left unattended to sets a very bad precedent which will come back to haunt everyone including yourselves. I hope that you still appreciate the lessons from the pre-November 2017 period when some amongst us allowed power to corrupt them without realising that power is temporary.

The ball is in your court as the choice remains yours either to defend him and ignore or do the rightful thing.

I thank you


Find comfort in the knowledge that you are not alone in this trying period as millions of progressive Zimbabweans across the political divide are solidly in solidarity with you as you face persecution, harassment and victimisation. We may obviously be having different political preferences and ideologies as well as different strategies and approaches but we sincerely appreciate your genuine efforts towards the realisation of a better Zimbabwe for current and future generations of our people.

Please accept the people’s solidarity and initiatives from all over the world and seek not to block people from doing what is right. This is no longer your matter but our baby together.

In the same manner that you have chosen to stand firm in the corner of the masses, we also have that same responsibility to reciprocate and we now stand ready to face the consequences.

I hope that you understand the genuine concerns by progressive Zimbabweans from diverse political backgrounds.


Here is Hopewell Chin’ono standing before us, a man who has selflessly chosen to dump convenience and follow his conscience by fighting in the corner of you and me poor Zimbabweans through exposing corruption and looting in Zimbabwe, he is now facing persecution, harassment and victimisation as some overzealous elements have publicly threatened to illegally seize his property and investments in the form of goats.

Don’t you think that besides all our differences, we have a duty to also stand by him in these trying times??

We can’t choose to be neutral in these situations as doing such simply translates to siding with the oppressor.

We will be very wrong to think that this is a Hopewell Chin’ono matter because after we have allowed them to destroy Hopewell Chin’ono we all stand a chance to be the next victims. I am Hopewell Chin’ono and you are Hopewell Chin’ono.

Let’s come together not just to condemn this madness but also go an extra mile to physically show solidarity to one of our own.

I thank you.

Yours truly;


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