Persecution by Prosecution, Hopewell Chin’ono

1. I was in court today in a matter where I am accused of Obstruction after I exposed a corrupt deal to let Henrieta Rushwaya get bail unopposed after being caught smuggling Gold

Hopewell Chin’ono

The State asked for further remand, it has failed to bring the matter to trial since November 2020

2. The magistrates court has been allowing these further remands since 2020.

The State has been giving reason after reason including LIES which we have have proved to the court like when the State said it had written to twitter when it was a LIE!

Twitter said it was a LIE!

3. I was arrested on November 3, 2020.

The State said it needed only 3 weeks to finish its investigations before it can bring matter to trial.

That would have been end of November 2020, but up to now the State with the indulgence of the magistrate continues to remand the matter

4. This is clearly political persecution meant to punish me for exposing Henrieta Rushwaya’s corrupt deal.

Henrieta is linked to powerful individuals in the State.

It is an embarrassment that State institutions are being used in this way to stop a journalist from working!

5. This is the tweet that was used to charge me after initially I had been arrested on a false charge that I had breached my bail conditions for another matter which again stemmed from how I exposed corruption in the Draxgate scandal.

It is a mockery to the Zim constitution!

6. Again, the magistrate has indulged the State and remanded the matter to June 6, 2022.

The political idea is to keep me on remand, and where they feel they are losing, they arrest me again on a trumped up charge, just to keep me in the courts as they have done since July 2020.

7. The evidence of gross abuse of institutions keeps mounting.

Today the magistrate said it will be the last time allowing further remand in this case.

Beatrice Mtetwa reminded the magistrate that it is the fifth time he is saying this in the same matter.

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