ZANU PF Wants Elections Cancelled Or Have Chamisa Jailed, Says Chin’ono

Award-winning journalist and film-maker, Hopewell Chin’ono, claims ZANU PF does not want elections to be held next year and is eager for chaos to happen to justify cancelling the elections.

(Photo: Columbus Mavhunga/VOA)

Posting on his Facebook page, Chin’ono, who is a government critic, said ZANU PF “knows” it won’t win elections if they are held in 2023. Said Chin’ono:

ZANUPF is desperate to cancel the 2023 elections because it knows that it has NO chance in hell winning them.

ZANUPF wants some chaos to happen to justify canceling the elections.

Alternatively, they want Nelson Chamisa to be arrested and convicted to stop him from contesting.

What is the point of giving ZANUPF what it wants when you can be smarter?

If I thought that I could do better using other methods, then I should do that without dragging Chamisa into it.

I can’t accuse him for what I haven’t done myself as many are prone to doing!

Journalists, pastors and the public can air their views without political prejudice.

Chin’ono said it is counterproductive for opposition politicians to attack each other publicly but rather talk to each other directly if they have issues. He said:

There are many in our midst that criticize genuinely, but there are also many whose criticism is meant to belittle Chamisa efforts and that of his CCC team.

Political leaders can pick up the phone and talk to each other and not behave like supporters or commentators.

When I felt that the opposition was doing less in exposing and explaining corruption, I led from the front doing the work. The public and CCC supported me.

Has Chamisa de-campaigned efforts by other well-meaning opposition leaders? NO. So lead from the front and we will follow if you think you have a better plan.

The main ingredient for the 2023 elections is Chamisa and CCC. The main result will be better when others join hands in fighting corrupt rule. There is space for everyone.

This struggle should not be about positions, I have led from the front without a position and my efforts have been effective and awarded internationally with professional awards. Yet I hold no single political position.

If your ideas are good, citizens will support them and they can be part of the big tent fighting against corrupt rule!

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