“I don’t have money for food”- Zimbabwe-based Ghanaian footballer Dela Akorli cries for help

Ghanaian forward Dela Akorli is pleading to return home after struggles to keep up in Zimbabwe following unpaid salaries by his club Bulawayo Chiefs. 

"I don't have money for food"- Zimbabwe-based Ghanaian footballer Dela Akorli cries for help


The 19-year-old is owed five months salaries by the Zimbabwean club, leaving the youngster unable to fend for himself.  Akorli is currently staying with a friend in his apartment in Bulawayo after failing to pay his rent.

“Since I signed for the club, they have not given me my signing on fee and they are owing me 5 months salary,” Akorli told Soccer24.

“Since we finished the league, I had no money on me, to even buy food or data bundle. I have no entertainment at home it has been very tough for me.

“I couldn’t watch the World Cup that took place recently. Life has been very tough for me.

“I want to go back home because the stress that I have gone through this season with this club (Chiefs) is too much for me,” said Arkoli.

Akorli has urged the Zimbabwean Football Association to carefully scrutinize team owners before allowing them to run clubs.

“I’m calling on ZIFA to make sure football is being run by proper football people who respect players,” he said.

“Club owners and executives should treat players well because this job of ours needs a sound mind to be able to perform on the field of play,” added Arkoli.

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