Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2023: Brooke Bruk-Jackson’s Win Sparks Mixed Reactions

Brooke Bruk-Jackson emerged victorious, clinching the title of Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2023 after a 22-year hiatus.

Brooke Bruk-Jackson’s Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2023 Win Divides Opinion

In a dazzling night of beauty and competition, Brooke Bruk-Jackson emerged victorious, clinching the title of Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2023 after a 22-year hiatus.

The Hippodrome in Braeside set the stage for this momentous event, but the excitement surrounding her win is marred by a wave of mixed reactions.

Critics Question the Crowning of Brooke Bruk-Jackson as Miss Universe Zimbabwe

Brooke’s crowning as Miss Universe Zimbabwe has ignited a fiery debate on social media.

Some vocal critics argue that her selection as the winner of Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2023 is tainted by racial bias. A section on social media suggested that she secured the crown because she is white.

These critics contend that a black contestant should have been chosen as the winner, not Brooke.

Check out some of the reactions;


The girl who won is not representing the majority of Zimbabwe. see, She is skinned, meanwhile Zimbabweans are black color of skin 


Ah guys nevana vanga varipo paya uyu abva anzi ndiye ahwina inga mwari vane favor


Guys how did she win her walk is not even modelling material from the clip you have shown…I guess the chakuti privilege worked for her coz hazviko izvi. 😂😂

Fans Rally Behind Brooke’s Win

Amidst the controversy, a group of social media users vehemently defended Brooke’s victory.

They argue that her triumph is well-deserved, pointing to her exceptional ability to answer questions and her modeling prowess as reasons for her win.

Check out some of the reactions from Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2023 Instagram page;

@Terry Tashie Maruma;

She definitely had what it takes to win that crown..makorokoto Brooke

@Caroline Chadenga;

Her answering techniques were good

Beauty with brains


Zimbabweans’ reactions are so shameful and distasteful. Brooke IS Zimbabwean period! She only needs the universal language of English to represent us anyway. She is no different from any other contestant and deserves the crown she was bestowed with this morning. Well done Brooke! 💕


Brooke deserved to win, she worked hard for that crown and her walk was so graceful. Her answer was powerful, short, and precise. Well deserved 👏🏾.Congrats to her

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