HARARE – Bell Petroleum [Pvt] Ltd director Daniel Guzha has been dragged to court charged with fraud after he allegedly conned another petroleum dealer of over US$95,000 in a fuel deal.

Guzha appeared before Harare magistrate, Dennis Mangosi and was not asked to plead.

He was granted US$500 bail.

The complainant in the case Platinum Island Pvt Ltd, being represented in this case by its director Cheryl Mupingo.

According to court papers, the parties had a business relationship dating back from 2022 when the complainant was being supplied bulk fuel by the accused.

“The complainant would pay in advance and fuel would be delivered at late stages but within the agreed time frames.

“On March 19 2024, the complainant needed 40,000 litres of diesel, contacted Guzha as usual who quoted her US$60,000 which she then paid through two transfers of US$10,000 on March 19 2024, US$40,000 on March 20 2024 and cash payment of US$10,000 given to Guzha and he signed for it.

“The two transfers were made from complainant’s Stanbic account to accused’s Stanbic account 914 000 7651 758. After acknowledging receipt of the US$40,000, Bell Petroleum supplied only 20,000 litres and promised to supply the balance,” the court heard.

On March 22 2024, Mupingo made another payment of US$57,000 into Bell Petroleum’s Ecobank account to bring the total balance at US$90,605.

The company then delivered 20,000 litres to reduce the balance to US$64,405.

On 28 March 2024, Bell Petroleum delivered another 40,000 litres and the balance was reduced to US$12,005.

Guzha then allegedly advised Mupingo that he was able to reduce his prices to US$1.28 if she purchases 80,000 litres and above, leading to the complainant to make a payment of US$140,000 meant for 120,000 litres inclusive of the balance of US$12,005 left on the previous purchase of March 28 2024.

It is alleged that Guzha acknowledged receipt of the money and delivered 49,987 litres on April 7 and 10,2024 and promised to deliver the balance of 70,013 litres.

The complainant followed up but Guzha became evasive giving several excuses.

Later, Mupingo was informed that she had not paid for the fuel she was now claiming yet she had all the proof of payments and delivery notes of the fuel she received.

This prompted Mupingo to conduct some investigations.

She then discovered that Guzha was in possession of forged delivery notes showing that she received the said fuel yet in actual she had not.

She suffered an actual prejudice of US$95,502 and nothing was recovered.