Zimbabwe citizens demand accountability from government over debt in a landmark high court ruling

Crippling debt and endemic corruption are all too familiar stories, but the ruling marks a small victory in the quest for transparency....

Zimbabwe’s odious debts

At a time when the country is grappling with Covid-19 and acute droughts, can debt cancellation...

Pregnant in Zimbabwe during COVID-19: I never want to travel this road again

Travel bans, closed clinics, lack of work, no money for antenatal checks – being pregnant during...

Zimbabwe’s new gold rush

Amid COVID restrictions, families, youths and women are flooding into the sector. Policy interventions are needed...

Blackmail, death threats and abuse: Being LGBTIQ at work in Zimbabwe

Can employers be pushed to take action on discrimination, even if the state will not?...

When will a woman lead Zimbabwe?

Despite repeated pledges to promote gender parity in politics, women are dramatically underrepresented among candidates for...

What future for civil society in Zimbabwe?

During the stand-off between the military and President Mugabe that led to his historic resignation, there...



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