Red Sea power plan offers chance for Zim coal

Red Sea power plan offers chance for Zim coal

Egypt is Africa’s third-largest economy, famous for the pyramids … and lengthy black-outs.
A new plant fired by imported coal will change that. And the way may be open for supplies from Matabeleland.

The Government’s Legislative Agenda for 2018-2019

The Government’s Legislative Agenda for 2018-2019

President Mnangagwa’s State of the Nation Address to Parliament last week [link] outlined the Government’s legislative agenda for the next year – the Bills that Government will present to Parliament, and expects to be passed, during the First Session of the new Parliament.  The session will probably last about twelve months.  This bulletin summarises the legislative agenda.  

Constitution Watch: Leader of the Opposition

Constitution Watch: Leader of the Opposition

Now elections are over Veritas is continuing its series of bulletins on implementation of the Constitution

Mnangagwa wants national unity

Mnangagwa wants national unity

Mnangagwa wants national unity

Latest Post-Election Violence Monitoring Report

Latest Post-Election Violence Monitoring Report

UPDATE – The Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum (the Forum) has been documenting the 2018 Post-Election Violence since 1 August 2018.

Mnangagwa Says China Won’t Colonize Zimbabwe Over Multi-Billion Dollar Loans

WASHINGTON — President Emmerson Mnangagwa has allayed fears that Zimbabwean authorities are auctioning the country’s resources and surrendering its sovereignty to China in exchange of loans...

Update on Bills and Acts of the Last Parliamentary Session

BILL WATCH 24/2018...

Open letter to Finance Minister Ncube – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary

You may remember the ever-popular Hollywood film Groundhog Day. (It seems to shown every day!) The...

‘Little change’ in Zimbabwe since historic election

Sky News discovers evidence of election-related intimidation and harassment against opponents of the ruling Zanu-PF party....

A State of Emergency

I can recall times when a state of emergency was declared and almost always it was...

Zimbabwean teachers in SA ‘unpaid for months’

Some Zimbabwean teachers in the Western Cape have gone unpaid for as long as nine months...

IMF Pledges Support for Zimbabwe Growth

The International Monetary Fund Thursday said it was ready to help Zimbabwe craft a debt clearance...

Raw sewage in streets: Cholera is Zimbabwe’s latest crisis

Raw sewage flows freely in some streets of Zimbabwe's capital, posing a deadly challenge to the...

Zimbabwe’s new finance minister says ‘fiscal shock’ needed for reform

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Newly appointed Zimbabwean Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube would like to employ a...

A man for our time

The 10th of September 1979 was the day we held the funeral for John Bradburne in...

African academic economists are a dangerous threat to Africa’s future

It is sad, indeed dispiriting to read Professor Ayittey’s article “Africa’s Reform Conundrum and Zimbabwe’s Tragedy”,...

Brutalising vendors must stop

The Zanu PF government’s obsession and decision to evict vendors from the city centre is barbaric...

How do you solve catastrophic hyperinflation?

Venezuelans are living through one of the worst hyperinflation episodes ever recorded since the end of...