Riot police outside Job Sikhala’s house in Chitungwiza

Riot police outside Job Sikhala’s house in Chitungwiza

Following the police raid on Job Sikhala’s house this morning, MDC youths clashed with police around the Huruyadzo shopping centre in Chitungwiza.

BREAKING NEWS: Anti-govt protest in Mabvuku

BREAKING NEWS: Anti-govt protest in Mabvuku

Anti government protect at Kamunhu shopping centre in Mabvuku. Riot police with water canon patrolling. Running battles between Citizens and police as Citizens are saying enough is enough.

Jean Vanier – mourning a reputation

Jean Vanier – mourning a reputation

Around Easter last year Jean Vanier, the founder of the l’Arche communities for people living with intellectual disabilities, died, aged 90, and I wrote in this column: “Jean defined his vocation as ‘revealing the beauty of people who are wounded’.

Letter for Lydia

Letter for Lydia

Dear Family and Friends,

History of constitutional amendments in Zimbabwe

History of constitutional amendments in Zimbabwe

Tracking the history of Constitutional Amendments in Zimbabwe since the days of Robert Mugabe has confirmed that the process has largely an affair of consolidating power in the hands of the ruling elite.

Energy sector opened up

BULAWAYO - Zimbabwe will soon open up the energy sector to private players as the government prepares to deal with an unprecedented power crisis that is...

Severe bread shortages to come

HARARE - An international organisation that monitors food supply trends has warned that Zimbabwe faces severe...

3 steal from Grace

HARARE - Three people are in remand prison for stealing from Zimbabwe's First Lady, Grace Mugabe....

Shona 17-08-06

Svondo rakapera vanhu vanokwana churu vakapururudza apo vakanzwa kuti ndivo vakahwina mawairesi asingaiswi mabhatiri mumakwikwi eThe...

Shopping basket – Suburban supermarket 17-08-06

11/08/06 - and rising daily REVALUED Z$
Cooking Oil - 750 ml 776.00
Oranges - 1 kg...

Drug usage up as beer price soars

HARARE - Mereki shopping centre, a popular spot for revellers in the working class suburb of...

Cover price August 2006

We very much regret being forced to increase the cover price of The Zimbabwean to Z$120...

Zim crisis derails regional plans

GABORONE - The effects of Zimbabwe's economic meltdown are beginning to be felt by the Southern...

Pro-senate MDC protests extension of inquiry deadline

HARARE - The Mutambara-led MDC has opposed to the extension of the mandated deadline of the...

MDC slams financial failure

HARARE - The MDC secretary for economic affairs has lashed out at the government over its...

Agreement on mass action

HARARE - Opposition and civic groups have all agreed to adopt the Zimbabwe Democracy Charter, an...

Silver Stars sign 5 Warriors

JOHANNESBURG - Ambitious South African premiership soccer side, Silver Stars has signed five utility Zimbabwe Warriors...

Highlanders beat Saints

HARARE - Bulawayo giants Highlanders took another huge step towards the title when they narrowly beat...



16 African Federations took part in the African youth Chess championships in Namibia

Zimbabwe banned from hosting games because of poor stadiums

Mushore Wins 2020 Harare ZCF Rapid Chess Tourney