Zimbabwe churches turn evil, please Jesus come back!

Zimbabwe churches turn evil, please Jesus come back!

I have never been shy in expressing my strong Christian views, as well as my undying and uncompromising love for my Lord Jesus Christ.

PSMI Ordered To Vacate Property Over US$684K Rental Arrears

PSMI Ordered To Vacate Property Over US$684K Rental Arrears

Premier Service Medical Investments (PSMI) has been ordered out of its rented premises in Harare for failing to clear rental arrears totalling US$684,298.

ZEC: Zimbabwe Voters’ Roll Available To Candidates By End-June

ZEC: Zimbabwe Voters’ Roll Available To Candidates By End-June

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has announced that the voters’ roll for the upcoming general elections will be available to election candidates at the end of June.

The trinity

Happily, we have some knowledge of what we mean by the Trinity, the celebration we have this Sunday. Jesus told us about his Father and his great desire to fulfil the mission given him by the Father. He also said, he and the Father are one and that they would send the Holy Spirit so that people everywhere might have ‘life to the full.’ 

Zimbabwe has officially become a pariah state!

The Government of Zimbabwe has officially become a tyranny – fraught with all the legislative tools to be justifiably labelled a pariah state.

Attacking our dignity (07-12-06)

'There is a proverb you surely ought to know: Horses sweat, And men perspire - But ladies only glow.' - Ogden Nash
But that was...

Zim swimming champ’s family driven off land (07-12-06)

MUTARE - Zimbabwe's chances of getting a medal at the Beijing 2008 Olympics may have gone...

ZRP denies torture charge (07-12-2006)

HARARE - It has emerged that the notorious Mbare-based Zanu (PF) terror squad, known...

Chinamasa sues The Zimbabwean (07-12-06)

LONDON - Justice minister Patrick Chinamasa is suing The Zimbabwean and it's editor, Wilf Mbanga, for...

Govt bans human rights education(07-12-06)

HARARE - The Zimbabwean government has suspended the teaching of human rights and democracy in secondary...

Relentless horror for Bikita residents(07-12-06)

BIKITA - Victims of the ruling Zanu (PF) party's growing oppression at Chikuku -...

WOZA members survive latest ordeal (07-12-2006)

CIO confiscate community radios(07-12-06)

GOKWE - Members of the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ), identified by rural communities in...

Mozambique President challenged in London (5-12-06)

Zimbabwe questions ignored at Chatham...

Price Control Prosecutions (5-12-06)

The decision last week to imprison two of the largest bakers in Zimbabwe for
6 months...

Tourism 30-11-2006

Due to its proximity to Harare Lake Chivero provides a playground for a range of water...

Shelves empty rapidly as Mugabe persists with price control legislation(30-11-06)

HARARE - Economists have said the National Incomes and Pricing Commission Bill, currently before Parliament, which...


The 36 WOZA/ MOZA members arrested yesterday remain in
police custody. It has emerged that there have...