MDC demands immediate release of Doctor Magombeyi

The MDC is extremely shocked by the forced disappearance of the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors’ Association (ZHDA) Acting President, Dr Peter Magombeyi; who was allegedly abducted by three men late on Saturday night.

Robert Mugabe: The greatest trick the devil ever played

Robert Mugabe: The greatest trick the devil ever played

Mugabe mastered, deployed and instrumentalised violence, demagoguery and hate for political ends.

Mugabe funeral: Leader’s body kept in hometown after state funeral

Mugabe funeral: Leader’s body kept in hometown after state funeral

The body of Zimbabwe’s former president Robert Mugabe is being kept in his birthplace, after a sparsely-attended state funeral in the capital Harare.

Zimbabwe doctors’ labour leader ‘kidnapped’ during strikes: union

Zimbabwe doctors’ labour leader ‘kidnapped’ during strikes: union

Zimbabwe’s once-vaunted public health system has deteriorated.

Mugabe’s body heads to home village

Mugabe’s body heads to home village

On Saturday Mugabe’s state funeral was held at the National Sports Stadium in Harare.

Zimbabwe begins national mourning for hero-turned-despot Mugabe

Mugabe passed away in Singapore, where he had been hospitalised in April....

Zimbabwe Puts Another Nail In An Increasingly Crowded Keynesian Coffin

Zimbabwe has neither a problem of insufficient demand nor insufficient "money supply" as the twin ideologies...

Mugabe’s death can be the start of Zimbabwe’s healing process

His successor must address corruption and human rights abuses, says lawyer and author Petina Gappah...

The Zimbabwean writer who was Robert Mugabe’s nemesis

In 1978 Robert Mugabe was heckled by writer and iconoclast Dambudzo Marechera when he came to...

Mugabe’s anti-colonial rage fueled long reign over Zimbabwe

Mugabe’s anti-colonial rage fueled reign as one of Africa’s most influential, longest-lasting leaders...

An evil legacy – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary

‘The evil that men do lives after them, the good is oft interred with their bones’,...

Zimbabweans choose work over mourning Mugabe

A day after ex-strongman and founding leader Robert Mugabe died, the only clear sign that Zimbabwe...

Mugabe’s body to return home soon: family

The government is expected to announce when Mugabe's body will be returned to Zimbabwe and provide...

Mugabe’s legacy remains alive and it must be defeated

Robert Mugabe's legacy is complex and contested. He wasn't only the tyrant and the despot, nor...

Africa’s longest serving leaders

Zimbabwe's former president Robert Mugabe was in power for 37 years but is far from the...

Mugabe’s family clashes with Mnangagwa over plans for state funeral

Zimbabwe’s liberator turned dictator is proving as troublesome to the coup leaders in death as he...

Zimbabwe: Women face discrimination in land ownership

Women make around 60% of Zimbabwe's population, most lack equal access to land, property ownership...

Why Ethiopia Sailed While Zimbabwe Sank

The countries’ leaders both promised change, but only one has delivered....



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