Prophet Magaya alleged rape case

From Pius Ncube to The Alleged Rape of Prophet Magaya: Is This Not Another ZANU PF Stage Managed Rape Case?

Walter Magaya

Walter Magaya

July 2016 was a bad month in my life; I received a ‘death ultimatum’ after publishing a newspaper article attacking Prophets Makandiwa and Magaya. In that article, I posed a question on whether Prophets Makandiwa and Magaya are prophets of ZANU PF or Jesus Christ. I said so because Makandiwa and Magaya were quoted by Herald on 4 January 2016 prophesying that, 2016 will be a year of ‘great harvest’ (Makandiwa) and ‘overflow and abundance’ (Magaya). Basing on the current suffering of Zimbabweans in 2016, I concluded that Prophets Makandiwa and Magaya were forced to speak on behalf of ZANU PF in order to please the King and Queen.

On 22nd of July 2016, I received an email claiming that, because I attacked Prophets of God, I was supposed to die on 25th of July 2016 at 4am Zimbabwean time. I am happy that I am still alive and that Jesus Christ is for us all. I also learned that, some Prophets are liars and are capable of taking advantage of God to further their stomach agenda.

The purpose of this article is to support a school of thought that Prophet Magaya is likely to be under the trap of ZANU PF. We all know what happened to archbishop Pius Ncube, the security agents went to an extent of inserting secrete cameras in his house . At the end of the day Pius Ncube was silenced.

The alleged rape case of Prophet Magaya came after the prophet’s challenge of ZANU PF ‘bond notes’ and declaration of his ambitious house construction project of 46,000. The house project has been received with mixed feelings by Zimbabweans from across the political divide with some labeling it as an evil and illegal project.

Herald newspaper the ZANU PF mouth piece has been quoted saying that, Magaya is now out on bail but the court shall be supplied with ‘audio recordings’  to fix Prophet Magaya in his rape case. This is likely to be similar to be what happened to Pius Ncube, the same state media interviewed him and the archbishop was told by the then news reporter Supa Mandiwanzira that he had audios and images showing his immorality.

There are some questions which we need to ask ourselves; who took the alleged audio recordings? If it was the girl who was raped, what was her motive? Who supplied the ZANU PF media with the alleged audio recordings? What was the intention of the supplier of the audio recordings to the ZANU PF media? This is why I am of the opinion that the rape of Prophet Magaya is likely to be a ZANU PF project.

Pius Ncube was humiliated because he was a serious critic of ZANU PF government and I also suspect that Prophet Magaya may be in hot soup because he criticized the ‘bond notes’ and/or his  ambitious house project.

On Friday before Prophet Magaya was arrested, it is said he told his congregants that, there are girls who were given $200,000 to lay false rape charges against him and there was a bit of drama in the church when the prophet was trying to confront some of the girls. I didn’t trust that drama because it appeared to be stage managed by the prophet and his girls.

Is It True That Prophet Magaya Raped?

We have to wait for the court to judge but I personally believe that Magaya succumbed to the university student. Prophet Gumbura experienced the same situation and he is behind bars today. What happened to Pius Ncube seems to resemble Prophet Magaya’s alleged rape case and we should therefore wait for the court to rule.

Prophets Magaya is still a prominent figure is ZANU PF circles and I feel that the rape case files and alleged rape case will disappear soon


We are told by the media that, plenty of Prophet Magaya’s supporters were at the court offering prayers and solidarity to the rape suspect! How can true Christians pray and hug a rape suspect? What they should do is to ask God to punish Prophet Magaya if it is true that he raped a university student.

This allegation of rape to a Prophet of God is an embarrassment we expect to get this from people like Kereke and some immoral politicians and not from Prophet Magaya and prophets should lead by example.

I therefore want to urge prophet Magaya to have quality time of meditation and refrain from such kinds of controversies. The prophet is undermining the authority of God.

Silas Memory Madondo is a lecturer and a Mixed Methods Researcher and can be conducted via [email protected]

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