Mugabe should be behind bars, not in State House

As Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe continues on his unrepentant career of brutalising those merely expressing their democratic and constitutional rights to peacefully demonstrate, it is very disheartening that a person who should be exemplary is wantonly violating the country's supreme law that he had vowed to uphold.

This means Mugabe is nothing but a criminal, who should face the full wrath of the law, as such a person should be behind bars, instead of leading a country.

It is so shameful that countless people are suffering at the hands of this man, who should actually be protecting the nation – no matter whether they oppose him or not.

His brutal career started way back in the 1980, when he decided to massacre PF ZAPU members whom he suspected were opposed to his rule.

His decision to send his North Korean 5th Brigade to the Matabeleland and Midlands provinces to kill an estimated 20 000  innocent men, women, and children should never be forgotten.

It is so vile to note the brutal nature of these killings, as some had their limbs cut off, others raped, whilst others were burnt in their homes -  in full view of their families.

Pregnant women had their bellies cut open, and their babies killed, just because they were Ndebele.

I have met some Ndebele folk who fled those  atrocities by Mugabe, who had gruesome stories to tell.

Most of those that fled this genocide do not even have birth certificates, due to fact that their parents were abducted, and therefore no death certificate was issues for their children – who were babies at the time – to secure these vital documents.

President Robert Mugabe

President Robert Mugabe

As such, these children could not attend school, and could not get identity documents.

This has closed all doors for them, especially in Zimbabwe – which is why they fled the country to work in foreign lands.

These people deserve justice, and Mugabe should be held accountable.

Furthermore, there are numerous others who were killed or abducted from the year 2000.

Whilst still others has their homes razed to the ground, and gravely tortured.

Today, Mugabe is still at it, with the abduction of people like human rights activist Itai Dzamara.

When will these people and their families get justice?

Is that why Mugabe does not want to leave office, because he is afraid of been sent to prison?

Mugabe is just like anyone else, and face justice, as there is nothing more special about him, that he is above the law.

What precedence is he setting for Zimbabwean politics, if he is allowed to get away with murder?

Was he angry with the Ndebele, merely because he suspected them of supporting PF ZAPU, or there is more to this story?

We know that Mugabe’s father abandoned his family in Zvimba, and married another woman in Bulawayo.

It is most likely that that woman was Ndebele, and as a result Mugabe most likely developed a psychopathic hatred for Ndebeles.

Zimbabwe can not afford to be ruled by a psychopathic murderer.

Mugabe must be removed from office and stand trial for all his murderous past.

Those around him should stop protecting him. We know they do so so that they can continue pillaging the country’s resources.

In fact, some of them are just as guilty of these atrocities as Mugabe himself, and they are hiding behind him for protection.

Enough is enough, such shameful people should not be tolerated, and the only place Mugabe should be is in a prison cell, not at State House.

*Kudakwashe Marangwanda is a United Kingdom based human rights activist*

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