Mnangagwa should face justice for crimes against humanity

There is an Shona adage: 'mhosva hairovi', which loosely translated means, 'no one can evade the tentacles of justice'....

Zimbabwe military should abandon Mnangagwa-Chiwenga junta, and stand with people

As the nation of Zimbabwe commemorated Defence Forces Day on 14 August, it is quite saddening...

Chiwenga poised to topple Mnangagwa, as another coup imminent in Zimbabwe

The 30 July 2018 harmonized elections were like no other ever held in the country for...

Mugabe a huge embarrasment for Africa

As we commemorate Africa Day today, we reflect on whether the continent has made any strides...

Mugabe and Mnangagwa should be arrested in Matopo for Gukurahundi

As Zimbabwean dictator prepares to celebrate his 93rd birthday in Matopo - the people in...

Mugabe should be behind bars, not in State House

As Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe continues on his unrepentant career of brutalising those merely expressing their...

Open to letter to Robert Mugabe: Your time is up, Mr President

I write this letter to you, President Robert Gabriel Mugabe, whilst in the very heart of...



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