CiZC Statement on the State of Roads in Bulawayo

The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition is appalled by the state of roads in Zimbabwe. We note with sadness that 15 people have lost their lives within two weeks in Bulawayo due to potholes.

This comes at a time when the police are mounting roadblocks everywhere and anywhere. Motorists folk out millions of dollars to ZINARA every year and yet the state of the roads still leaves a lot to be desired.

We contend that central government is more concerned about the state of cars and not the state of the roads. We call upon the government and its institutions such as ZINARA and local councils to urgently attend to the state of the roads and reduce the tirade against motor vehicle owners whose cars are subjected to wretched road conditions.

The government must allocate more resources to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. Roads such as Nkayi road are an eyesore 37 years after independence. The government must immediately attend to the Nkayi Road, the Tsholotsho Road and roads in most of the countries urban areas. ZINARA must be transparent on how finances which are collected through vehicle taxing and tollgates are distributed.

CiZC contends that a highly developed, functional and modern infrastructure is an engine of economic growth. We believe that rehabilitation of roads, rail, air, water & sanitation, energy and ICTs should be the government’s priority.

There is need for a reliable transport system aimed at facilitating the movement of goods, people and services across the sectors of the economy, linking regional and international markets to boost social and economic development.

Central to the rehabilitation of the transport infrastructure is to avoid a Harare-centric bias and ensure the need for transformation of the infrastructure outside Harare is met in order to avoid a dual enclave economy reminiscent of the colonial era.

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