South Africa paying for celebrating Mugabe’s madness

Dear Editor,

Jacob Zuma

The South African Government must accept the rude fact that Zimbabweans who are causing havoc in South Africa are the products of lack of law and order in Zimbabwe. South Africa’s Police Minister Fikile Mbalula has been in the media accusing some Zimbabweans of killing and all other bad behaviours unexpected of normal human being. Unfortunately, according to his own word, he was accused by his own people for being xenophobic, yet the behaviour displayed by those Zimbabweans is consistent with what Zanu PF supporters do.

But let me also say that not every Zimbabwean living in South Africa is a criminal, but the few that passed Mugabe’s training in violence can cause problems for an entire nation.

Mugabe has encouraged this criminal behaviour on its youth and the military, who are unleashed on the opposition supporters with impunity. Imagine a self-confessed terrorist Munyaradzi Shoko publicly boasts of unleashing violence on other youths opposed to Mugabe and is still roaming the streets a free man and planning more violence on members of the opposition. Zanu PF youths steal from members of the opposition and the general public with impunity. They murder with impunity.

To make matters worse, the Zimbabwean equivalent of Fikile Mbalula, Ignatius Chombo, instructs the police to arrest members of the opposition even when one of the police officers is run over by a police vehicle, and all this being done to retain geriatric Mugabe in power. Minister Chombo even obstructs the course of justice by telling the world that members of the opposition MDC-T burn their own cars – who in their sane minds can accept that hogwash? Chombo, as reported in The Herald of 24 July 2017, wrote to the Party’s Political Commissar, recommending the group of terrorists to work for the party. How then would you expect the Police to arrest a group that is backed by the Minister in charge of the police?

And when the victims are cornered, with no police to run to for protect, they learn to defend themselves. With their possessions looted by Zanu PF militia, they may end up using whatever means they can afford to survive.

South Africa should expect higher levels of criminal behaviour if the country’s leadership do not voice their concern on what is obtaining in Zimbabwe. It is time SADC heads of state summoned their energy and tell Mugabe in his face that he is lying about his dislike for violent behaviour by his own youth and militia. Ask him if he really does not tolerate political violence by his party, why does he pardon his violent supporters who murder members of his opposition, like he did with Kizito Chivamba and Elias Kanengoni who should have been imprisoned for brutalising Patrick Kombayi and leaving him a cripple. They should ask Mugabe why self-confessed terrorist Munyaradzi Shoko is not in jail. They should ask Mugabe why he prevented the arrest of Joseph Mwale who murdered Tichaona Chiminya  and Talent Mabika?

I hope that the people of Zimbabwe, including individuals, civic society and political parties opposed to Mugabe will find to unite in the fight to extricate the country from the jaws of dictator Mugabe, who will be flying to the United Nations later this year to lie to the world that he is a peace loving man before the situation further deteriorates.

Note Evidence that violence is sponsored by the top leadership in the article on the link that follows:

The Zimbabwe Elections Commission is called upon to act to ensure free and fair elections.

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