Grace Mugabe’s South African Assault Case is DisGraceful

Recent allegations on Grace Mugabe in which she assaulted Gabriella Engles in South Africa leaves a lot to be desired from the qualities of a First Lady and also it puts a very bad picture on Zimbabwe’s ruling ZANU-PF regime including all other peace loving Zimbabweans.

Emmerson Mnangagwa

It is reported that she offered a blank cheque to make the matter go away but the family were not in favour of such a settlement – instead they want justice to take its course.

It was very irresponsible for her to beat up a teenager as this fails to reflect Zimbabweans’ conduct as a nation. Worse still it erodes away all Zimbabwean women’s dignity which should be properly represented in “Amai – First Lady Grace Mugabe”. Her actions on the day in question are far much beyond comprehension and is clear embarrassment especially to someone who looks forward to be the next President of Zimbabwe. Such a violent nature and the taking of the law into her own hands makes us the laughing stock by the whole world and this is very opposite to what she advocate to be a peace loving mother. Beating a young girl in front of her bodyguards (10)  – worse still in a foreign country destroys all our good relationship. What will the South Africans and the world at large  think about Zimbabweans?


Robert jnr and Chatunga, in  their involvement of drugs is also painting a bad picture for their mother, late alone the father. This also reminds us of what  happened in Dubai when they had to relocate to South Africa.

President Jacob Zuma, as a very close friend  to President  Mugabe, might find it very favourable to sweep the Gabriel Engles assault case under the carpet but could be hard because Kruel and private prosecutor Gerrie Nel is quoted as saying, “No one, not even Mrs Mugabe, must be allowed to bypass the law as a result of their position of power”. This rules out the possibility of enjoying immunity from the jurisdiction of South African courts when someone has been injured.

Grace previously enjoyed this immunity in Hong Kong against a similar scuffle with a journalist.

On the other hand, South Africans themselves are known for being violent and can decide to avenge in one way or another against Zimbabweans staying in the country or the Mugabe siblings themselves. This could create a political problem for Zuma and his government.

Since Grace entered active politics, she manipulated a number of things to come her way.

She paved way to become chair of of the ZANU-PF women’s league and she warned those who oppose her not to “play with fire”. Joice Mujuru, former vice President, was dislodged from the party. Ray Kaukonde, George Charamba, the two vice presidents including the late Shuvai Mahofa were humiliated in public. A number of prominent ZANU-PF members were sacked.

She demanded the state media to announce a special supplement to celebrate her philanthropic activities. She also managed to acquire a PhD within a short time and enjoy no currency restrictions issued by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe as evidenced by her shopping spree and payment made to import an expensive diamond ring. She has also managed to expand her vast land holdings in the Mazowe area by evicting villagers who were settled at Manzou Farm.

She is that type of an iron lady who uses her power to acquire all what she needs and in Zimbabwe this has proved so.

Now her clear target is to be nominated as a successor to  President Robert Mugabe – her husband as the next president.

The President is said to be earning a monthly salary of $12 000 and yet the First Family has managed to pay  an annual rental of $500 000 for a property in Dubai. In addition the sons have been living large and partying up a storm almost daily blowing cash like nobody could tell through their champagne lifestyle. It is reported that of late the First lady bought two mansions worth more than $8 million in Johannesburg and Harare.

It is unclear where Grace and her family are getting such large sums of money.

Latest reports are that flights between Johannesburg and Zimbabwe have been affected by restrictions imposed by the Zimbabwean authorities as reported by ZimEye. Also no clear reports on the position of the First Lady’s case as well as the V.P. Emmerson Mnangagwa’s illness.

Where are we heading under such situations?

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