Govt must walk the talk on salary/service delivery ratio

The Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) welcomes government’s declaration to enforce the 2015 directive for local authorities to channel 70 percent of financial resources to service delivery while 30 percent will be channeled towards salaries.


The pronouncement, made by Finance Minister, Patrick Chinamasa during his 2018 national budget presentation on December 7, 2017 comes at a time service delivery in Harare is at its low at a time the Harare City Council is allocating $10 Million out of the $12 Million collected monthly to salaries.

CHRA has also expressed deep concern with the council’s $269.3 Million budget for 2018 which will see $114.8 Million going towards salaries and allowances in direct violation of the 30:70 salary/service delivery ratio.

The Harare City Council’s bloated wage bill, coupled with corruption and abuse of funds has undoubtedly resulted in poor service delivery and thus enforcement of the 30:70 salary/service delivery ratio is imperative.

CHRA would however like to urge the government to walk the talk in as far as implementation of the 30:70 salary/service delivery ratio is concerned.

Implementation of this noble policy requires political will which has apparently been lacking over the years.

CHRA also welcomes government’s declaration to fight corruption and we urge responsible authorities to put in place tight measures to ensure transparency and accountability at local authorities around the country.

This again requires the political will which has also been lacking during the years gone by.

As CHRA, we firmly believe that implementation of the 30:70 salary/service delivery ratio and eradication of corruption and abuse of public funds is critical in guaranteeing effective service delivery hence we urge the government to honor their commitment to ensure smooth flow of operations at local authorities.

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