Emmerson Mnangagwa exposed, Zimbabweans, this is the time to say enough is enough

Dear Editor,

Emmerson Mnangagwa


Is it a coincidence that the day the Zanu PF Politburo met, news also broke out that Kudakwashe Tagwirei’s Company Sakunda Holdings was being backed by the Government of Zimbabwe in a deal to takeover Rock Foundation, a now dysfunctional hospital build by former Zanu PF Member of Parliament Munyaradzi Kereke, purportedly for the treatment of persons contracting the in disease, Coronavirus. Within the same week, The Independent reported on the murky Zupco buses deal in which Emmerson Mnangagwa was reported to have been fully aware of Tagwirei.

Tagwirei and Mnangagwa must be shareholders in the same corrupt company, that explains most the things that have been happening, such as the hiring of a private jet from Dubai to fly Emmerson Mnangagwa on trips within the country, at the expense of Government. These guys never care about the tax payers’ money, as long as it is to their benefit.
The Coronavirus pandemic was seen as an ideal opportunity to siphon money from government coffers and wealthy Zimbabweans for the benefit of Tagwirei and Mnangagwa’s company. Government Ministers and senior civil servants, all of the Zanu PF officials or supporters, would have their medical bills paid from Government coffers for treatment at the hospital, the same way as they are flown to South Africa, India, China and other countries for treatment at government expense, creating wealth for Tagwirei, Mnangagwa and other shareholders in the business. The rest of the income would be from wealthy Zimbabweans who would opt for treatment at a well equipped facility.
While Government, Zanu PF and their mouthpieces have denied that the facility is being prepared for all people, they were shy on saying it will be a fee-paying facility, and Coronvirus being a public health issue, it is a responsibility of government, not the private sector, hence Government should prioritize refurbishing the public hospitals and clinics in the country, rather that encourage the refurbishment of private facilities in elite suburbs which the general population has no access to. It is the wicked business person who exploits tragedies for selfish gain. Business persons who are worried about the plight of the majority of Zimbabweans should, with the advent of Coronavirus, donate towards refurbishment of the public hospital system.
The Zanu PF chefs are so scared to lose their lives to Coronavirus, and knowing that they may not be very welcome in public facilities for their failure to improve health care delivery, the Politburo will have endorsed the plan for Tagwirei’s takeover of elitist health institutions. A photograph of their Politburo meeting held the same day as the date of the announcement of the hospitals deal shows them putting on the masks donated by some sympathizers for the health workers.
Zimbabweans must now know that Emmerson Mnangagwa is the father of corruption in Zimbabwe, never mind his threats to punish corrupt officials which are but a ruse – Emmerson Mnangagwa feeds from corrupt activities. He lives to his nickname Crocodile, and Zimbabweans must punish him for that.
 Mnangagwa must go to allow the country to progress.
Kennedy Kaitano
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