Chess and real life

Chess is real life, it mirrors real life situations. Chess is a result of dedication, determination, diligence, passion, patience.

There is a lot of calculations involved in the game of chess. So many variations are involved in this game of wits. Players can sit for some hours playing the game and this is patience. The way people perceive life and the game can be closely linked. It involves a lot, spatial intelligence is another important type that is required for a person to be a good chess player.

Even when choosing a spouse, chess can also aid in the process as it involves well thought and evaluated solutions. Discipline is also another factor as the game involves game, it teaches the players to be time conscious and be prompt in their things as there is a time factor to consider when doing everything in life. Timetabling can be easy to learners who will be preparing for their life after school as well as life as scholars or students. There should be a balance in life with the things in life besides the academic. Mufudzi Mavhiki a former St. Ignatius College student was very prolific in education, Dr. Patrick Mhaka, Dr. Rickie Malaba are some of the outstanding individuals from chess.

The late Engineer Jonah Chaka was aCivil Engineer of repute who was also a beast on the chess board. I am talking about someone who could defeat International Master Robert Gwaze in blitz on a good day. Isabel Masawi, Taringana Guranungo, Van Madanhi the Pharmacist, and Doctor Blessing Murasiranwa are some outstanding individuals who played chess and managed to pass very well in their Advanced Level. Simon Mujaji recently passed with flying colours in his Advanced Level Cambridge in Sciences. These achievements are as a result of hard work. So people generally become visionary and end up following the visions which they visualize from the beginning to the end. The energy to follow the visions is enshrined in the long term goals which players give themselves as well as the powerful role models in chess.

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