Post Cabinet Briefing

Zimbabwe Cricket was allocated 10 hectares of land for the construction of an international Cricket Stadium and ancillary activities in the Masuwe Special Economic Zone for Tourism in Victoria Falls. The Stadium will be used in the hosting of the 2026 and

2027 Cricket World Cup jointly with South Africa and Namibia. His Excellency President @edmnangagwa will lay the foundation stone to mark commencement of the international cricket stadium on 23 May 2024.

Cabinet wishes to advise the nation that following reports on social media that children were dying in Wards 22 and 4 of Hurungwe district in Mashonaland West, multi disciplinary District, Provincial and National Response Teams visited the affected…

Communities to conduct investigations into the rumors. The teams established that 33 children who had passed on were from the Marong/Margate,Shumba village . Government will institute a mass vaccination campaign in Hurungwe District targeting all children in the affected areas.

It is Mandatory for all children to be vaccinated, attend school and recieve medical attention. Government will take stern action against those that deliberately defy this policy.

The ZimLAC Urban livelihoods and Nutrition Assessment established that 65% of Urban households are food secure , while 35% are food insecure. The propotion of the food insecure households translates to 1 732 770 people. This population will be monitored for…
[19:56, 14/05/2024] Trish Wilf: Cash transfers for purposes of secure welfare assistance. Access to education continues to be high with 80.3% of school going children attending school, while the majority of the 19.7% out-of-school children have financial challenges.



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