Zimbabwe: troubled nation now faces tough foreign policy choices

The toxic presidency of Mugabe may be over, but the new Zimbabwean government of Emmerson Mnangagwa must quickly make some hard foreign policy decisions if it is to...

Zimbabwe is still in trouble

But it’s under too little pressure to change...

Zimbabwe’s coup did not create democracy from dictatorship

Many citizens and international observers cautiously hoped that the southern African nation of Zimbabwe would find its way...

What’s stopping Zimbabwe’s young people from participating in elections?

Zimbabwe will hold fresh elections at the end of July this year, a sign that, following decades of...

Why Zimbabwe’s diamond mines need better regulation

Zimbabwe, like many African countries, faces an ongoing struggle to secure fair compensation for its mineral...

Development aid works over time, but must adapt

In academic discourse, it has become almost ritualistic to begin a piece on foreign aid by...

How Africa offers opportunities beyond land, labour and commodities

If the mass media is to be believed, Africa is hardly a continent brimming with opportunities...



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