Zimbabwe’s Chance to Shine

Its ascent to a leadership role in international diamond accreditation is an opportunity for the industry to clean up its act....

Don’t Give Zimbabwe’s Government Aid Until It Gets Serious About Land Reform

Land reform isn’t just about compensating white farmers whose land was expropriated. It must secure the...

Zimbabwe Cracks Down on Protests as Economy Crumbles

With inflation running at 700 percent, the pandemic has left an already weak state on the...

Why Ethiopia Sailed While Zimbabwe Sank

The countries’ leaders both promised change, but only one has delivered....

Economic Isolation is Hindering Zimbabwe’s Transformation

Lifting sanctions and increasing international investment will speed land and security sector reform—and enhance the protection...

Zimbabwe’s Opposition Is Under Attack

It Should Seek a Unity Government Before It’s Too Late...

It’s Time for the United States to Push for a Better Zimbabwe

Monday’s election is an opportunity for Washington to come down on the side of accountability and...



Bwalya wins Minerva Zim Open 2022

Tawanda Mhako wins 2022 Minerva Development section

Minerva Zim open kicks off

Linda Shaba won a nail biting game which won the tournament in a blitz ending which could have gone either way.