Trump pentagon nominee hunted and killed elephants in Zimbabwe

He paid $75,000 to hunt the animals, which he said was the “fulfillment of a life-long dream”...

Trump compared to notorious Zimbabwe dictator: Former US ambassador

Comparison stems from Mugabe’s decades long grip on power...

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COMESA to hold climate change meeting in Zimbabwe

Kampala, Uganda | JULIUS BUSINGE | The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa secretariat will hold...

Dirty rags and drugs: Period poverty in Zimbabwe driving women to desperate measures

Chiratidzo Chikona, 17, ties up dirty rags she finds on the floor to use as sanitary pads...

UK asylum seeker threatened with deportation under alleged Zimbabwe deal safe to stay – but wife remains in danger

Victor Mujakachi's removal from Britain has been halted for three months...

‘He’ll be killed’: Fears for UK asylum seekers threatened with deportation under alleged deal with Zimbabwe

Exclusive: 'I’m shocked that they want to send me back to a place where all those terrible...



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