(BREAKING NEWS )ZESA workers awarded pay increase (09-02-07)

AFTER a five week dispute over salary adjusts thee ZESA Holdings
arbitration process  finally awarded workers a wage increment of between  250% and
400% on a...

(BREAKING NEWS) ECONET secures forex for expansion programme -09-02-07

ECONET Wireless Limited, has secured foreign currency to embark on
another multi-million-dollar project to further expand...

Karimanzira vows war on corruption

HARARE - The governor of the Harare Metropolitan Province, David Karimanzira, has for the first time...

Gold up, nickel down

HARARE - Gold production at Renco Mine increased by 87% in the fourth quarter of 2006,...

Time Bank pays depositors

HARARE - Time Bank has paid in full its financial obligations to former depositors of the...

Govt fails to release CCZ funds

HARARE - The Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ) is yet to receive its Z$293 million budgetary...

RBZ fails to raise Z$160 billion

HARARE - Having failed to get support for the 3-year government bond, which closed a fortnight...

Prices soar

BULAWAYO - Prices continue to soar at an alarming rate. Just this week the following increases...

CHRA Column

By Precious Shumba, Information Officer, CHRA
HARARE - SO much has been said and written about possible...

Business Updates

Gono fails to arrest dollar's freefall
By Paul Farai Nyakazeya
THE Zimbabwean dollar lost at least 79% of...

Mismanagement, not sanctions, have wrecked economy

'Most prices will double over the first two months of the year, and...

Bleak outlook for 2007

With further decline predicted in  most financial sectors, 2007 holds the disheartening prospect of yet...

Exporters call for devaluation

HARARE - Business in Zimbabwe is urging a devaluation of the local currency against the...

Freight industry suffers

HARARE - Zimbabwe's freight industry is operating at about 40% capacity as a result of continued...



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Athletes shaping the future of Zimbabwe

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