UN says Zimbabwe’s cash shortage hurts aid delivery efforts

UN says Zimbabwe’s cash shortage hurts aid delivery efforts

HARARE, Zimbabwe — The World Food Program says Zimbabwe’s cash shortage complicates efforts to rush aid to millions of people facing severe hunger.

Zimbabwe should be Ramaphosa’s top foreign policy priority

Zimbabwe should be Ramaphosa’s top foreign policy priority

President Cyril Ramaphosa has made statements about the need for the US to lift targeted sanctions. Beyond this call, he has not done anything tangible to show that Zimbabwe is his top foreign policy priority, writes Mpumelelo Mkhabela.

It is the politics and not the space satellite

It is the politics and not the space satellite

The United Nations (UN) Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, Ms Hilal Elver who recently completed an 11 day
mission after an invitation was extended by the government from 18 to 28 November 2019, exposes the dire state
of the economy which has resulted in acute food insecurity in Zimbabwe.

Food Security Situation in Zimbabwe

Food Security Situation in Zimbabwe

• Crop production highly correlated with food insecurity in Zimbabwe

My ‘Bloody Wednesday’ Diary

The first of a two-part exclusive account of last week's brutal crushing of the ZCTU demo by the Mugabe regime.
"We were referred to as ZCTU...

Teaching and Learning for HIV Prevention

1200 teachers mobilized to prevent child abuse and support gender-sensitive lifeskills
HARARE - In the wake...

City blames Zinwa

HARARE - In a move laden with hypocrisy, the City of Harare has released a damning...

Illegal occupation affects brickmakers

HARARE - Illegal land occupation currently besieging Willdale Farm near the Harare has seen a drastic...

Girl Child Network accuses Rusere

MASVINGO - A local child rights group has accused a junior Zimbabwean government minister of sexually...

Uproar over brutal police beatings of trade unionists

By our Correspondent
HARARE - Brutal beatings by police, with suspected soldiers joining in, of trade unionists...

ZRP steals forex from tourists

HARARE - Members of the police and paramilitary squads have begun illegally seizing foreign currency from...

Succession battle intensifies as Mugabe’s demise looms

Simba Makoni emerges as the latest favourite in tough race to succeed Mugabe.
HARARE - There's been...


Inhabiting two worlds
Bishop Alexio Muchabayiwa once talked about the frog in a sermon in Triashill, near...

United opposition on the cards?

HARARE - Speculation has been rife that the recent meeting of opposition parties presaged an imminent...

Rhinos hold Highlanders

HARARE - Log leaders Highlanders continued to struggle when they were held to a...


Flame Lily/Black Mambas - postponed
Gunners 2 -...


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