Biti arrested

Biti arrested

Harare – Tendai Biti, the Vice President of the MDC Alliance was arrested today for coming to The Morgan Tsvangirai House.

Forum condemns attacks on its members

Forum condemns attacks on its members

The Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum (the Forum) is a coalition of 20 human rights organisations operating in the country to advance the cause of human rights.

The real cost to the region of the Zim crisis

BULAWAYO - The main impact of the collapse of the Zimbabwe economy has of course been on its own people. However, sight should...

Uncertainty hangs over Russian energy deal

HARARE - It was uncertain this week whether Russian energy firm TurboEngineering would invest in Zimbabwe's...

Irate customers lambaste housing developers

HARARE- Confusion and resentment continue to plague the Charlottes Brooke housing development scheme outside Harare, and...

Play touches on women and AIDS

By Tins Magaba
HARARE - We live in a world where all people, despite their geographical location,...

Creative writing blooms in desolation

By Tinashe Mushakavanhu
Extreme deprivation, leaving a writer only with himself, quite often proves a blessing to...

Starving villagers arrested

Police round up 12 children and 56 adults from Killarney squatter camp

Warrant of arrest for Chinamasa

Chinamasa is accused of having tried to influence state witnesses to withdraw from a case in...

Zim basket


2 kg White Sugar 380,000

Tsvangirai meets Mogae

The visit is part of the diplomatic offensive to articulate the MDC’s position to regional and...

Tsvangirai urges MDC supporters to reject violence

‘Violence is a symptom of a deeper societal dysfunction’
‘Zanu (PF) celebrates violence as a survival...

Mugabe pledges anti-corruption purge

HARARE – The government mouthpiece, The Herald, says President Robert Mugabe has threatened to purge the...

Mugabe fears in-fighting if Msika goes

Authoritative source said last week Msika - who has not felt well since last year but...

Financial constraints strangle Kambuzuma United

In marking yet another sad chapter for a former Premiership outfit following the demise of Amazulu,...



Zimbabwe’s Hyperinflation Threatens Beloved National Pastime