Surely, why study 10 subjects at school as if unsure of one’s goals in life?

Surely, why study 10 subjects at school as if unsure of one’s goals in life?

The ZIMSEC Ordinary Level results are out – and, already we are hearing of those outrageous numbers of subjects passed by single candidates.

Long-term agreements. Results of Lukashenko’s visit to UAE, Zimbabwe summarized

MINSK, 3 February (BelTA) – Agreements, which lay down the foundation for fruitful cooperation with the United Arab Emirates and Zimbabwe, were secured as Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko visited these countries. Belarusian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Aleinik made the statement while talking about the main results of the head of state’s visit, BelTA has learned.

Follow me!

Follow me!

‘Follow me!’ You would need to be full of confidence, perhaps like St Paul, to say that to another! I once committed myself to another’s lead on a mountain side when we were lost. But what happens when someone you trust let’s you down? I had trust, appreciation and admiration for the first leader of this country for twenty years (from 1974). But then, in 1995, my trust crumbled. I felt let down.

Why have Smith’s prophetic words about Zimbabwe come to pass?

Why have Smith’s prophetic words about Zimbabwe come to pass?

If ever there were any painful words spoken about an independent Zimbabwe – none, arguably, can surpass those supposedly uttered by Rhodesia Prime Minister Ian Douglas Smith.

Electionwatch 5/2023 Veritas

Electionwatch 5/2023 Veritas

In our Election Watch 5/2022 of the 17th November 2022 we looked at the circumstances in which general elections can be held early.

Response to the Herald Lies (Mutambara Speaks) 13-06-07

By Arthur G.O. Mutambara

MDC President

On Clumsy and Futile ZANU(PF) Propaganda: 

Unimaginative attempts to discredit and divide the opposition will not work.

The ZANU(PF) propaganda mouthpiece The Herald...

Cost of living shoots up (13-06-07)

THE cost of living for a low income urban family of six for the month of...

Zanu PF not ready for dialogue (13-06-07)

THE Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Morgan Tsvangirai has described the
gazetted Constitutional amendment No. 18...





How Mugabe & Co. prosper ( 12-06-07)


Southern African diplomats are engaged in trying to mediate a peaceful resolution to the Zimbabwe...

Supplementary Budget (12-06-07)


Please take note that the City of Harare advertised its Supplementary Budget totalling $1, 144...

Mugabe should resign (12-06-07)

Yesterday I bought fuel for Z$57 000 a litre, today the price is Z$85
000 to

Commemorations (12-06-07)

Opposition and civil society youths are likely to
clash with the state security agents over the weekend

Power Cuts to Zimbabwe ( 12-06-07)

SABC reported today that SADC States have cut deliveries of electrical
to Zimbabwe to 200 megawatts....

Business News Update (11-06-07)

1) THE deteriorating economic environment in Zimbabwe is negatively impacting on South Africa’s business environment, the...

11June 2007 Detention Watch from Zimbabwe Association

You might be interested to know that in June my own inflation figure in
my business...

over 100 rural WOZA members arrested(11-06-07)

Over 100 rural WOZA members arrested in Filabusi today

Following on from the demonstrations and arrests in



Zimbabwean star Sikandar Raza will again shine in the Pakistan Super League