Aquaponics: Farming without soil in Zimbabwe

Aquaponics: Farming without soil in Zimbabwe

Aquaponics is a combination of fish farming (aquaculture) and hydroponics, a farming method where plants are grown without soil.

Thirteen cents an hour in Zimbabwe

Thirteen cents an hour in Zimbabwe

Dear Family and Friends,

ZEC readies for delimitation

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) yesterday held an engagement meeting with stakeholders about the delimitation set to start as soon as the results of last month’s population census start flowing in.

Zimbabweans are very united – hating a regime that impoverishes us doesn’t mean we’re divided!

Zimbabweans are very united – hating a regime that impoverishes us doesn’t mean we’re divided!

I always find statements by Zimbabwe’s ruling establishment, urging us to be united, quite mind-boggling – since, as far as I can tell, Zimbabweans are some of the most united people on a continent riddled with conflicts induced by divisions and hatred, usually fueled by tribal, religious, and political differences.

Never-before-seen photos reveal extraordinary wedge-shaped impressions and oval imprints left in a grass field by UFOs

During afamous 1994 sighting witnessed by more than 60 schoolchildren in Zimbabwe

Morgan pleads for unity

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe "must be dragged shouting and kicking" to the negotiating table, MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai told the convention called by the pro-democracy...

Currency Chaos

Big zero Mugabe must go - MDC
HARARE - Zimbabwe's main opposition Movement for Democratic...


Win a year's school fees!

The Zimbabwean is proud to announce...
The WOZA Primary School Children's...

Ndebele 3-08-06

MDC: Indleko zelizwe yibuqilibezeli
HARARE - IBANDLA eliphikisayo leMovement for Democratic Change (MDC) lithi ukungezelelwa kwesikhwama semali...

Tsvangirai meets Mutambara

HARARE - The leaders of MDC's two feuding factions, Morgan Tsvangirai and Arthur Mutambara,...

MDC wins electoral fraud case

HARARE - A Supreme Court ruling that the country's electoral court is unconstitutional represented a landmark...

Boycott strategy useless – Chaibva

HARARE - The pro-senate faction of the MDC led by Arthur Mutambara has defended the attendance...

PSL League Table

TEAM ...

WEEKEND RESULTS, Week 21 – 30/07//06

Black Mambas 0 - 1 Blue Jets
Turnal 0 - 3 ...

Cricket Shorts 3-08-06

Lancs and Sussex neck-and-neck at the top
LONDON - Lancashire and Sussex, fighting it...

Football Shorts 3-08-06

Kawondera moves to SA
HARARE - Warriors striker Shingi Kawondera has moved from the Turkish Super League...

We are nearly there

There are growing signs that we may be seeing the end of the Mugabe...

Letter from home – The safari Parliament

Dear Family and Friends,
Parliament re-opened last week, but all attempts to watch the...