New Report Says Virus Could Worsen Zimbabwe’s Hunger Crisis

HARARE, Zimbabwe — Zimbabwe, where millions of people already face acute hunger, could sink deeper into crisis as the coronavirus pandemic takes a toll on the...

Wandile Sihlobo: The zombie idea of Zimbabwe’s agriculture

A zombie idea is one that refuses to die. There's a zombie idea that persists about...

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Warns of Worsening Hunger Crisis in Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, recurrent droughts, coupled with rising inflation, threaten nearly half the population’s ability to put...

UN Fears Fall Armyworm Outbreak Threatens Zimbabwe’s Food Security

HARARE, ZIMBABWE — The United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization fears that an outbreak of fall...

Irrigation Still Rare in Zimbabwe as UN Predicts Drought

The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization says the effects of a possible drought predicted in the...

Zimbabwe Farmers Call for Help to Mitigate Drought Effects

HARARE — Farmers in Zimbabwe are appealing for funds to irrigate their land, in hopes of fending...



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