Zimbabwe gets back iconic bird statues stolen during colonialism

Africa's former colonial powers have recently come under pressure to send looted artefacts back to their home countries....

Zimbabwean artist’s dynamic stone sculptures find global acclaim

HARARE (Reuters) - When Dominic Benhura started creating traditional Zimbabwean stone sculptures as a teenager four...

US paying $475G toward border wall – in Zimbabwe: report

The United States is spending $450,000 to build a border wall in southern Africa, according to...

The astonishing ancient stone city of Great Zimbabwe constructed 900 years ago 

Located in the south-eastern hills of present-day Zimbabwe, close to the city of Masvingo, are the ruins of the...

Books: A rocky road to Zimbabwe

ZIMBABWE means ‘house of stone’. The name comes courtesy of the great rocky ruins that are...

The kingdom of Zimbabwe was a medieval kingdom of 150 tributaries

... that existed from 1220-1450 CE in modern day Zimbabwe....

Zimbabwe: Selling elephants to questionable Chinese destinations damages country’s tourism, say critics

By the time Zimbabwe’s new political winds of change reach its wildlife practices – the heart...



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