Lawyers, war veterans sue JSC and Malaba over tinkering with constitution

THE Young Lawyers Association of Zimbabwe (YLAZ) and Frederick Mutanda, a liberation war veteran, on Tuesday 11 May 2021 filed an urgent chamber application at Harare High Court...

Where are the millions who voted for Zimbabwe’s ‘new’ 2013 Constitution when it’s being ravaged and raped by the ruling elite?

The past week has, arguably, been the darkest epoch in the history of our beloved Zimbabwe...

Judicial capture a sad reality in Zim

HIGH Court Judge, Justice Erica Ndewere was recently suspended for 'misconduct' after she granted bail to...

Is Zimbabwe’s new leader stifling judicial freedom?

President Mnangagwa’s office has appointed war veterans and inexperienced lawyers to the bench and other key...

All eyes on Zimbabwe as ConCourt hears election petition

Zimbabwe's Constitutional Court is on Wednesday set to hear the petition lodged by opposition leader Nelson...

Rita Makarau “resigns” from ZEC

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) chairperson ,Justice Rita Makarau is reported to have written letters to...



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