Zimbabwe painted dog populations plummet in Mana Pools National Park

They found fame in the 2018 David Attenborough documentary "Dynasties". But numbers of painted dogs in Zimbabwe's Mana Pools National Park are at their lowest level...

Brave mother elephant saves her calf from being eaten

As she charges at two lionesses trying to kill it in Zimbabwe...

Severely Dry Weather Is Killing Zimbabwe’s Wildlife

Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools National Park has not received rain in months, and animals like elephants and...

Experience dynasties’ painted wolves in the flesh on a trip to Zimbabwe

The much-loved BBC series has raised the profile of these endangered animals but there's nothing like...

The ‘painted wolves’ of Zimbabwe

They are stunning; there's no question. And the name, "painted wolves", seems so apt....

Tsetse fly out of Zimbabwe’s hot Zambezi valley

Tsetse are blood-feeding insects that transmit trypanosome pathogens which cause sleeping sickness in humans across sub-Saharan...

Second German tourist attacked by elephant in Zimbabwe

Harare - A German tourist sustained serious injuries when he was attacked by an elephant in a...



PCB happy to host Zimbabwe vs Afghanistan cricket series on Pakistan’s soil

South Africa tour to Pakistan will be broadcast in All Southern African region

Afghanistan’s Test And T20 Series Set To Be Postponed

South Africa team arrive Pakistan after 14 years