Zimbabwean crackdown: what you need to know about the protests, arrests and global outrage

A tweet by a government official, Nick Mangwana, further angered many after he said no-one is above the law in Zimbabwe...

Families sleep in water lines as drought grips Zimbabwe’s Bulawayo

BULAWAYO: Twice a week, Nothi Mlalazi joins a long line with dozens of other people – some...

Zimbabwe’s hospitals ‘overwhelmed’ as health workers’ strike enters second week

The strike by doctors and nurses in Zimbabwe - now entering its second week - is...

Extending Zimbabwe’s lockdown ‘seems necessary’: rights watchdog

Zimbabwe is yet to meet the World Health Organisation (WHO) targets for lifting Covid-19 lockdowns, with...

Half of Zimbabwe’s population could starve if aid is not received, IMF warns

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned that Zimbabwe needs urgent aid as the Covid-19 coronavirus...

Why Zimbabwe land reform has failed to remedy rural hunger

Almost 40 years after independence, land reform remains at the heart of Zimbabwe’s political and economic...



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