A boyfriend from hell – don’t be a victim of abuse

The story of a 22 year old South African woman, Karabo Mokoena – a tragic tale of abuse – triggered an anti men social media campaign;...

Zimbabwe’s goat currency – the analysis

Recently, Zimbabwe’s primary and secondary education minister, Lazarus Dokora (PhD), suggested a goat currency. One Zimbabwean...

When a child accepts food from strangers – kukwata

Bridgette Malenga is an actress by night and teacher by day – naturally she has a...

What is independence to a born free Zimbabwean?

Namatai Chipunza is a born free – she was born 14 years after independence. What does...

Why Zanu (PF) will remain in power beyond 2018

In all honesty, I don’t think the Zanu (PF) regime will be kicked out of power...

When a mad man has hijacked the Zimbabwe bus

In this analogy of the Zimbabwe bus, South African based writer, Chivhu Mudhara, poses a thought...

Memo to President Mugabe – Zimbabwe cash crisis

In her poignant memorandum, Daphne Jena has a message for President Robert Mugabe on the country’s...



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