Digital Agriculture Benefits Zimbabwe’s Farmers but Mobile Money is Costly

In recent years, Zimbabwe has witnessed a rapid growth in the use of digital agriculture but uptake of modern technology is capital intensive for farmers....

Zimbabwe’s Thin Line between Child Smuggling and Child Trafficking

While there are a large number of instances of child smuggling and trafficking across Zimbabwe’s porous borders,...

A Humanitarian Response to the Crisis in Zimbabwe

Craig Dube*, Atlantic Fellow for Social and Economic Equity, interviews Tahir Ahmad, head of humanitarian operations...

Vegetables Rot in Food Markets across Zimbabwe While Half the Population Faces Food Insecurity

Nearly half of Zimbabwe's population -- some 8 million people -- face food insecurity. Yet in...

Zimbabwe’s Resettled Farmers Hawking Cigarettes to Survive

MARONDERA, Zimbabwe (IPS) - For subsistence farmer Rogers Hove—who proudly brandishes a worn out letter for his...

Will free expression equal terrorism in Zimbabwe?

HARARE (IPS) - Four years ago, a faceless writer using the nom de guerre Baba Jukwa...



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