Dollarization of Zimbabwe’s economy now complete

Zimbabwe's economy is now virtually based on foreign exchange, a state daily
said Thursday, with fewer goods and services available in the local dollar
which is...

Price Controls A Futile Exercise – NIPC


Gono Caught Napping

HARARE, - While Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ)
governor, Gideon Gono, is waging a bitter...

Murder of Student at Lomagundi College

Sovereign Wealth Funds to dominate New World Financial Order

Sovereign wealth funds are set to dominate Global financial markets in the wake of the...

Africa dismayed at exclusion from crisis summit

TUNIS (Reuters) - Africa is suffering from the credit crisis and should be better represented...

Zim delays summit on African free-trade deal

Zimbabwe has postponed a summit of Africa's largest trading block, the Common Market for Eastern...

Southern Africa not immune to crisis

London - Hopes that the impact of the credit crisis on emerging market economies would...

Zim dollar crash sparks fears of social unrest

Fears of social unrest in Zimbabwe are growing, as swelling numbers of Zimbabweans become daily...

Zimbabwe’s Foreign Aid Raid

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, caught with its hand in the proverbial cookie jar, has...

The new name for the Reserve Bank? Zero's Acre

On being given 500 new dollars in coins because all the notes were in...

US gives US$22,000 to museum

HARARE - The National Museums and Monuments of Zimbabwe (NMMZ) recently concluded installation of surveillance...

Gono is going


HARARE - Gono is going.' This was the message of a...

Zimbabwe markets react to SADC summit outcome

HARARE  - Zimbabwe's financial markets  have reacted negatively to the inconclusive...



Coronavirus: Australia’s ODI series against Zimbabwe postponed

Zimbabwe’s Hyperinflation Threatens Beloved National Pastime

Zimbabwe Cricket to pay non-contracted women players an allowance

Athletes shaping the future of Zimbabwe