Zimbabwe is in the throes of chronic economic crises

Zimbabwe is in the throes of chronic economic crises

By Chief Reporter
HARARE - Hardly two months after the central bank slashed 10 zeros from the country's...

Zimbabwe gold production falls 44% up to August 2008

Harare (Zimbabwe) Zimbabwe's gold production declined by 44 percent during the first seven months of 2008,...

RBZ Erred in Licencing Forex Shops: NECF

HARARE, September 17 2008 - The National Economic Consultative Forum (NECF), says it had proposed...

Zimbabwe settlement

Zimbabwe settlement. Frederik van Zyl Slabbert - political analyst

15 September 2008 23:09

Stockbroker’s take on Zim deal

Stockbroker's take on Zim deal
What the power sharing deal could mean for the economy.

Taming inflation ogre in Zimbabwe

Taming inflation ogre in Zimbabwe
OUR own statistical quibbles about the precise level of...

There are those who thrive amid Zimbabwe’s economic woes

There are those who thrive amid Zimbabwe's economic woes


Zimbabwe Business Watch

Zimbabwe Business Watch

The daily cash withdrawal limit remains at $500 ($5 trillion) when...


Inflation has soared in the past few months at a pace that has surprised most Zimbabweans...

Business News

Zimbabwe platinum gamble by Camec 

Goods piling up at several border posts as duty is now indexed to the prevailing inter-bank rate.

The Customers, Clearing and Freight Forwarding Association said the recent move by the monetary authority to...

Business person of the year honoured

Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce Midlands Chapter honoured its business person of the year last week.

Daily cash withdrawal limit increased individuals and companies

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has increased the daily cash withdrawal limit for both individuals and...

Mobile network operators increase tariffs

The country's three mobile network operators have increased tariffs by more than 1 500%.



Zimbabwe’s Hyperinflation Threatens Beloved National Pastime

Zimbabwe Cricket to pay non-contracted women players an allowance

Athletes shaping the future of Zimbabwe

Why is Zimbabwe banned from hosting international football matches?