Bakeries close down(14-12-06)

HARARE - Bakeries have started laying off hundreds...

Word for Today (14-12-06)

“You my child .. will go before the Lord to...

Prisoners starve as crime soars(14-12-06)

Foreign firms to be nationalized (14-12-06)

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Mugabe cranks up pressure on business(14-12-06)

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CIO warns of civil war 1(14-12-06)

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Nswazi people go home wiser but poorer(14-12-06)

MDC to oppose 2010 elections (14-12-06)

HARARE - The...

Forget about passports – RG’s office(14-12-06)


Zim crisis costs SA(14-12-06)

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Families for Life -a return to the ancient paths (14-12-06)

Supermarket prices, Harare northern suburb

16/4/06 23/4/06 30/4/06 Increase, 1 wk
Mealie meal 10kg, refined Z$368,000.00 Z$472,000.00 Z$368,000 -22.0%
tomatoes 1kg...

Chinamasa urges MDC to freeze funds(14-12-06)

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Mabvuku Pupils Reject Zanu (PF)(14-12-06)

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Mwadzura wins Zim Afristeel Blitz chess tournament

Tsvana wins the Hearing Impaired Chess tournament

Zimbabwe to host UAE, travel to Netherlands

Zimbabwe Chess Foundation to Host chess tourney for the hearing impaired this Saturday