Ramaphosa’s Zimbabwe envoys are compromised, they should be withdrawn

Ramaphosa’s Zimbabwe envoys are compromised, they should be withdrawn

We are calling on President Cyril Ramaphosa to withdraw his appointment of Baleka Mbete and Sydney Mufamadi as Special envoys to Zimbabwe because of their political bias towards the ZANU-PF-led regime in Zimbabwe.

Quiet diplomacy or quiet complicity

Quiet diplomacy or quiet complicity

Then hundreds of people were butchered… Ramaphosa needs to show real leadership

Mnangagwa risks spat with Ramaphosa, blocks envoys from meeting rivals

Mnangagwa risks spat with Ramaphosa, blocks envoys from meeting rivals

HARARE – President Emmerson Mnangagwa risked a diplomatic spat with South Africa on Monday after blocking two special envoys sent by President Cyril Ramaphosa to gather information on human rights violations in Zimbabwe from meeting his rivals and rights groups.

Bulawayo nurses on strike demanding Z$3.5million instead of Z$600 000 per month (08-06-07)

NURSES at the Roman Catholic run Mater Dei Hospital in Bulawayo have downed tools in protest over low wages-plunging the health sector into a...


Five of the seven WOZA members being held at Bulawayo
Central Police Station have finally been charged.

Food for votes – Zanu at it again

Local relief groups complain that government pressure is compromising their ability to feed a hungry population.

Bots fights CITES ivory ban

CITES is meeting this week at the Hague. For years, Botswana and its Southern African...

Police cancel MDC rallies

Police have once again cancelled opposition MDC rallies in the Zaka East constituency ahead of...

Expanded senate will drain fiscus

The ruling party has come under strong condemnation from civic society for planning to expand...

Elephants destroy wheat

A herd of hungry elephants recently devoured an estimated 40 hectares of winter wheat at an...

GMB donates Z$100 m to Zanu (PF)

At a time when the country faces acute shortages in grain reserves, the Grain Marketing...

Anti-hijack update

Hijackings have been rife in the town centre and surrounding business areas. A gang working...

Convent parents shun Mugabe

President Robert Mugabe came face to face with the contempt that the majority of Zimbabweans now...

Housing dispute – City suspends Matingo

The Zanu (PF) commission running the affairs of the eastern border city imposed on the residents...

Farmers to talk to donors direct?

HARARE - The Commercial Farmers' Union (CFU) is mulling over the possibility of setting up a...

Mbare’s rubbish dump children fight for survival

MBARE - "Ukaita bvepfepfe haulumi (Don't rush. Good things come to those who wait)," streetwise...