Zimbabwe public workers reject higher government salary offer

Zimbabwe’s public sector workers have rejected an improved salary offer of 15% from President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government and want wages for the lowest paid employees to...

Zimbabwe president’s ‘extravagant’ briefcase sets twitter ablaze

Being president of the republic of Zimbabwe is not a cheap business - and there's a...

Zimbabwe’s Mnangagwa raises war veterans pensions ahead of election

President Emmerson Mnangagwa said on Friday that pensions and allowances for veterans of Zimbabwe's independence war...

As teenagers die, Zimbabwean lawmakers call for abortion reform

When her 15-year-old daughter fell pregnant last year, Irene Ndlovu secretly arranged for an abortion before...

Police prevent stolen cars crossing river at border into Zimbabwe

Stolen cars and vehicles piled high with illegal cigarettes were intercepted by the South African Police...

Women‚ beer and cigarettes: Vote for me for president of Zimbabwe

In a democracy‚ nearly anyone can run for office. That's also the case in Zimbabwe‚ which...

After Mugabe, Zimbabwe opposition stumbles before vote

With Zimbabwe holding elections this year, the opposition had been feeling cautiously optimistic - until its...



Zimbabwe referee says he was offered bribe to fix game

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