Harare on Holiday

Formerly named Fort Salisbury after a British Prime Minister, Harare the capital city of Zimbabwe is named after Chief Harare, whose name translated from the local...

Shopping Basket

Supermarket prices: Harare northern suburbs

33 more die of malnutrition-related diseases

BULAWAYO - Thirty-three people, most of them children below the age of four, died of malnutrition-related...

Embassy slams coalition

GABORONE - The Zimbabwean Embassy here has responded to intensified pressure from the Botswana...

Around Zimbabwe

ZRP sets up special desk for Chinese

State-run media fails to impress Parliamentarians

A report on the state-run media by a Zanu-PF dominated Parliament Portfolio Committee contains some damning...

We must free ourselves – MDC


HARARE - MDC leaders have traversed three quarters of the country gauging the mood...

Church leaders meet Tsvangirai

HARARE – Opposition Movement for Democratic Change president, Morgan Tsvangirai, met church leaders recently to seek...

Mugabe’s ‘ happy natives ‘

Mugabe’s ‘happy natives’

Asub head: Govt runs out of paper and pens

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe’s assertion...

News Briefs

Shona News – Week 26

Msika condemns land grab
VaMsika voshoropodza kubvutwa kweminda

HARARE – VaJoseph Msika, vakambobata chinzvimbo chemutungamiri wenyika, vakazobvuma kuti...

Chombo running scared – CHRA

Chombo running scared’ - CHRA

HARARE - The utterances by Minister of Local Government Ignatius Chombo at...

Bill Watch – Statutory Instrument 166A of 2006

Bill Watch

HARARE - The President has prorogued Parliament by proclamation [Statutory Instrument 166A of 2006 in...

Harare residents urged to boycott rates

Harare residents urged to boycott rates

HARARE - The Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) this week ...