So great a mystery

So great a mystery

Quintus Aurelius Symmachus, a Roman senator in late antiquity, was horrified by Emperor Constantine’s conversion to Christianity.

Lent and green tea

Lent and green tea

As soon as we hear the word ‘temptation’ – and the first Sunday of Lent is all about temptation – various thoughts come to mind. We have our own private versions.

Zimbabwe in quandary due to a leadership that has no idea what leadership entails

Zimbabwe in quandary due to a leadership that has no idea what leadership entails

If ever there is one sure thing to expect from Zimbabwe’s leadership, it is that they will never accept any responsibility for anything that goes wrong in the country, nor will they apologize and allow themselves to be held accountable for any action and decisions they would have made – yet, would not have yielded the desired results – but, in fact, would rather place the blame squarely on someone, or something, else’s doorstep.

A big stretch

A big stretch

There is a new refrain coming through the media which I find heartening. ‘No one is safe from Covid 19 until everyone is.’

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The popularity for soccer, or football, has never been higher.

Tsunami Hypocrisy

EDITOR - During Mugabe and his first family's annual holiday in Thailand recently, Zimbabweans have been subjected to repeated viewings of them paying their respects to...

A warning to SA

EDITOR - The South Africans have embarked on a suicidal method to kill their democracy. Boycotting...

Disturbed by Morgan

EDITOR - I am disturbed by the similarities in speech between Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai....

Do they have a conscience?

EDITOR - It is with a heavy heart that I write about Zimbabwe. This country used...

Let’s be brave

EDITOR - I was born in Filabusi in the southern part of Zimbabwe. A country I...

Calling all women

EDITOR - I am look to Zimbabwean women to be the bridge to the future of...

The Patriotic Military Forum

EDITOR - We announce the creation of the Patriotic Military Forum, the Voice of Soldiers. We...

Child abuse worsens

JOHANNESBURG - The worsening humanitarian situation in Zimbabwe is making children more vulnerable to abuse, according...

Plight of Zims in SA worsens

paul_verreynJOHANNESBURG - Amnesty International, a worldwide human...

Zimbabweans in mass jail-break rearrested

GABORONE - Seven of the 10 Zimbabwean prisoners who last week escaped from a prison in...

Bring Mugabe to The Hague

BY TINO ZHAKATA HARAREhague_court -...

Hunger – the main problem

BY A SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT About 15 years ago I drove around a corner on our farm...

Birthday celebrations obscene

Elsewhere in this issue we carry a story about Zimbabweans being forced to fork out millions...



There is a great soccer live scores option currently available

Platinum knocked off CAF Confederation Cup as Fans Call for League Resumption

Zimbabwean Cricket Team arrives in UAE and starts practice

Pakistan to send cricket team to South Africa, Zimbabwe by chartered flight