Bank Fines, Suspensions Weighed by Zimbabwe for Currency Gouging

Zimbabwe is considering penalizing domestic banks, telecommunications operators and other businesses over what the government describes as profiteering off the hard currency it makes available at...

Critics: Zimbabwe’s New Currency Auction Unfairly Favors Big Business

The system is the country’s latest attempt to address its foreign currency woes, but small and...

Biggest Zimbabwe Bank to Buy Small Lenders in Consolidation Push

Zimbabwe’s biggest bank plans to buy several smaller lenders in a consolidation drive to leave the...

Open Committee Meetings Monday 2nd and Thursday 5th March


Zimbabwe banks set to shed more jobs in 2020 due to digitalisation

Harare — After shedding 8% of their workforce last year, Zimbabwean banks may cut more jobs...

Zimbabwean Banks Plan to Fight $100 Million Paynet Lawsuit

Zimbabwean banks intend to fight a $100 million lawsuit brought by Cambria Africa Plc’s units in...

Zimbabwean Lenders Ask Central Bank to Lift Interest-Rate Cap

Zimbabwe’s lenders, which include units of Standard Bank Group Ltd. and Ecobank Ltd., appealed to the central bank to...



Zimbabwean with football dreams to be kicked out of UK

Silveira Mission as well as Masvingo Chess Association Chairperson passes on

IM Chitumbo Mwali in his own words about his achievement in the World Cup

Zimbabwe sends its 1st Black swimmer to the Olympics