Zimbabwe’s FX Shortage to Worsen as Virus Upends Tobacco Season

Zimbabwe’s severe shortage of U.S. dollars is set to worsen as the coronavirus threatens the start of sales of tobacco, its second-biggest source of foreign exchange....

Zimbabwe Begins Paying White Farmers Who Had Land Expropriated

Zimbabwe’s government began compensating white commercial farmers whose land was expropriated, an agriculture lobby group said....

Zimbabwe’s Resettled Farmers Hawking Cigarettes to Survive

MARONDERA, Zimbabwe (IPS) - For subsistence farmer Rogers Hove—who proudly brandishes a worn out letter for his...

Zimbabweans Go for Alternatives as Bread Becomes Unaffordable

Part of the problem is that because of government price controls, wheat millers and bakers lose...

Zimbabwe Sets Aside $53 Million to Compensate Displaced White Farmers

HARARE — Zimbabwe’s government has started the process of compensating white commercial farmers displaced from their properties during...

EXCLUSIVE: Zim white farmer pay-out could favour foreigners, says CFU boss

Foreign former landowners from Zimbabwe may get compensation before white farmers, Ben Gilpin, director of the...



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